5 Tips to Feel Calmer and More Confident

You might find you experience anxiety a lot of the time or perhaps it comes and goes during periods of stress. Lifestyle factors can influence our feelings of anxiety and self-confidence. Diet can also affect this. Hypnotherapy can be a very effective therapy for anxiety and for supporting self-confidence, self-esteem, and assertiveness. Here are some quick tips below from Kate Dimmer, a hypnotherapist in Cheltenham:

  1. Quality time. Are you scrolling through social media during your break or first thing in the morning? Dedicate a limited time to social media and then put your phone down. Being on social media can fuel anxiety. If you’re having a break or downtime, choose a better quality way to relax e.g. Reading a good book. Put your phone down after you’ve read this!
  2. Grounding might sound like woo-woo nonsense but it’s backed by research to lower symptoms of stress including high blood pressure. Being barefoot on the earth (grass, sand, etc) is a good way. Maybe combine it with some gardening, hanging out the washing or just drinking your tea.
  3. Saying no. Do you find yourself taking on too many things or putting up with things that don’t sit right? Try saying no. You might be pleasantly surprised and relieved, and it puts you in the driving seat increasing your self-confidence.
  4. Try mindfulness. This can look different for different people. A nice exercise when feeling anxious is to sit down and focus your attention on one of your senses such as hearing. What different sounds can you hear? How many different ones? You can then extend this to observing other senses e.g. touch -such as the fabric of your clothes and your own breath on your face. This focused attention is calming.
  5. Try singing! The car or at home in the kitchen are my favourite (private!) singing locations. Singing (or humming) strengthens the vagus nerve. This helps our body to relax more quickly during stress. Toning the vagus nerve also supports digestion, metabolic health, and mental health.


If you would like to support your confidence, mood, or anxiety or to get help changing unhelpful habits or beliefs, cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy with a registered hypnotherapist can help. I am a GHR-registered hypnotherapist in Cheltenham and I provide hypnotherapy in Cheltenham and online on Zoom. If you would like to find out how hypnotherapy can support anxiety, worry, stress, confidence, and more, please book a free call with me on 07714340345  and we can have a chat. Please leave me a voice message and I will call you back or you can email me on kate@katedimmer.com to arrange a chat that way.