Hypnotherapy in Cheltenham for Healthy Eating


Hypnotherapy can support healthy eating. Often my clients know what to eat or not to eat to stay healthy but they struggle to keep on track. They might have some habits that are holding them back yet are hard to shift, such as comfort eating or snacking. Is that you? Telling people nutrition facts or giving them a meal plan is not the way. This might set you up for failure. We sometimes need to support the root of the matter. I like to support root causes in nutritional therapy but in hypnotherapy, this is also relevant. The root cause might be an emotional trigger or feeling not good enough. This can be supported with cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy. With hypnotherapy for healthy eating, everyone’s approach will slightly differ. It might be that we need to find a healthy habit to replace an unhealthy one. Or perhaps there are some unhelpful thoughts or beliefs that need exploring. We can find some coping skills and tools to help you deal with the triggers of a habit or need for comfort. Hypnosis may support a change of habit, change of mindset, or both. I might also include some work on supporting your self-confidence or assertiveness if this is relevant. This is why cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy is so powerful. We use a range of skills and techniques to support your health goal. And in hypnosis, we can imbed the suggestions we agree on. I also offer health coaching as a service. You can read about it here. Health coaching is not like nutritional therapy. Instead of giving personalised advice, we explore tools for keeping on track and being accountable so that you achieve your health goal. I’m a cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist, registered with the GHR.  I am also a nutritional therapist registered with the CNHC  and BANT. If you’d like to know more about hypnotherapy in Cheltenham or online, please feel free to arrange a no-obligation 20-minute call to see how I might help. I also recommend you explore my website to find out about my approach, services, and prices.