Combining Hypnotherapy and Nutritional Therapy

Combining hypnotherapy and nutritional therapy can be a powerful approach to supporting many issues and challenges. For example with IBS. Sometimes certain foods can worsen symptoms of IBS or there may be a functional issue that needs supporting, such as poor digestion. Nutritional therapy can be helpful at identifying trigger foods and supporting better digestion and gut health. However, IBS can also be caused by or worsened by stress, anxiety, and tension. Stress and anxiety can be supported with hypnotherapy where we can safely explore the causes of anxiety if appropriate and find coping skills and use relaxation techniques to calm the nervous system. Hypnosis can be used to embed suggestions to reach your goals and improve your well-being. There is a specific gut-directed hypnosis that has been shown in studies to be effective for IBS.  

Other areas that lend themselves to the two combined therapies are food addiction, weight loss, and diet and lifestyle changes. With hypnotherapy, we can support unhelpful habits and behaviours that are getting in the way of you making healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle. Hypnotherapy can also support any anxiety or overwhelm that may come up whilst wanting to make diet and lifestyle changes or beginning your nutrition journey. Hypnosis can help overcome comfort eating or food addiction which can undermine good intentions around healthy eating. And of course, the nutritional therapy side of this therapy would ensure that the dietary changes you’re making are right for you and your body. Nutritional therapy is therapeutic and educational. 

In practice, for the combined therapy approach, I suggest we start with hypnotherapy. Getting in the right mindset or overcoming anxiety can be a good way of starting your journey to good health and well-being and can support any overwhelm. We start with a 90-minute session where we explore your challenges and goals, make a treatment plan and you’ll have a hypnosis. I’ll send you a recording to listen to throughout the week. 

The following week, week 2, we will build on your progress in a 60-minute session. Again I’ll send a recording. The following week, week 3, we will review your hypnotherapy progress. You may continue to have hypnotherapy if desired. But at this point, we prepare for nutritional therapy in week 4. As with all my nutritional therapy clients, we start off with a health questionnaire and food dairy and have a 90-minute session to create your initial recommendations. I’ll check in with you the following week for a ten-minute Q&A. And then your nutritional therapy follow-up of 30 minutes will take place 2-3 weeks later. I recommend at least 2 follow-ups within an 8-week period to build on progress and to provide support. If you’re continuing with hypnotherapy you will find these sessions can also support the changes you’re making to your diet and lifestyle. 

After 3 nutritional therapy sessions, we will review your progress and take it from there. In future sessions, you might enjoy a combined health coaching and hypnotherapy session. This is where we start the session exploring challenges and solutions to your health goals, then we have a hypnosis to support your goal.