What is a hypnotherapy session with Kate like?


Many people are confused about hypnotherapy and hypnosis. Perhaps you’ve seen someone being hypnotised on TV. Hypnotherapy is different! First of all, hypnotherapy is a therapy. It uses hypnosis (more on that in a minute) but it is also a supportive talk therapy that uses techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT. CBT techniques explore unhelpful thoughts and behaviours -some of which you might not realise you have. Sessions take place in my little clinic room near Bath Road Cheltenham or online via Zoom. Sessions are usually 60 minutes, including a hypnosis of about 25-30  minutes. A hypnotherapy session starts with me listening to you and you getting clear about what you want to achieve. I might ask some questions and sometimes use some CBT techniques or questions. The hypnosis part is what sets hypnotherapy apart. First of all, in the session, I’ll explain about hypnosis and answer any questions you might have about it. Depending on what you’re working on, hypnosis is generally a relaxing experience. I usually begin with a little relaxation exercise. This might be a body scan relaxation for example. Then I might describe some imagery. It doesn’t matter if you can visualise what I’m saying or not. It’s like listening to a story. Hypnosis itself is like a state of absorption where you are immersed in something. For example when you’re watching TV, reading a book or even driving. I can’t hypnotise you against your will. You’ll need to want to go into hypnosis and have a positive attitude towards it. When in hypnosis, I use suggestions that have a therapeutic effect. These suggestions are statements that we will have agreed on beforehand and will be personalised for you. For example, I might say  ‘During work meetings, you feel calm, confident and prepared’. After I make some suggestions in hypnosis, there may be more imagery and I gradually emerge you from hypnosis. And then we talk about what you liked and anything you’d like to change. Usually, my clients find it relaxing and they start to feel more motivated and positive. I send a recording of the hypnosis to listen to a few times a week. And we meet weekly for about 3-6 weeks or until you meet your goal.

If you would like to support your confidence, mood, or anxiety or to get help changing unhelpful habits or beliefs, cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy with a registered hypnotherapist can help. I am a GHR-registered hypnotherapist in Cheltenham and I provide hypnotherapy in Cheltenham and online on Zoom. If you would like to find out how hypnotherapy can support anxiety, worry, stress, confidence, and more, please book a free call with me on 07714340345  and we can have a chat. Please leave me a voice message and I will call you back or you can email me on kate@katedimmer.com to arrange a chat that way.