The number of consultations required varies according to your health goals, the complexity of your case, and relies on you making some diet and lifestyle changes. Nutritional Therapy is not a quick fix. It involves working together to support the root of a problem with both diet and lifestyle. Depending on your health goal, this process may take a few months (typically allow 3 months) but may take up to a year with complex cases. Subsequently you’ll be enabled to support yourself in optimum health for the rest of your life. Because it is a PROCESS, we will focus on one or two health goals at a time. You will be provided with a combination of information and education, advice, support, encouragement, and accountability over the course. Because it is not advisable to provide too many recommendations and too much information at once, Nutritional Therapy is delivered as a course of therapy over approximately 3 to 6 sessions. You will be expected to follow recommendations (with my support) and keep in touch. Recommendations will be regularly reviewed. Prior to your consultation, I require a completed health questionnaire and 3-day food diary in advance of the appointment and payment in advance via BACS. Currently consultations take place on Zoom. Here’s the process:

  1. Initial consultation– In this consultation of up to 90 minutes we discuss your health questionnaire and food diary and your personalised recommendations for the next 4 weeks. These will be food-based and lifestyle recommendations, but I may discuss other useful approaches such as GP blood tests, functional tests or supplements. You will take away your individual recommendations for up to 4 weeks plus a 30+ page Diet and Lifestyle Handbook and recipes.
  2. Check-in-After 7 days I will check-in with a 10-minute Zoom to see how you are. This is to check your understanding of your recommendations and to provide support, not for new recommendations.
  3. Two to four weeks after your initial consultation we will have a 30-minute Zoom. This will help keep you on track, stay motivated and answer any questions you may have. It might be that we adapt and change your recommendations according to your progress.
  4. In a further two to four weeks we will have another 30-minute session to review and build on your recommendations or for coaching which provides support.
  5. We will continue the course for approximately 3 months and review. We may space appointments out to allow time for you to make changes or have weekly sessions if desired.
  6. After your package has ended, you may continue Nutritional Therapy or Health Coaching by paying as you go or buying another package of three 30-minute follow ups. After your Nutritional Therapy you can get in touch for a follow up session any time.

What results can I expect?

Imagine yourself at your most healthy and energetic. How would life be different for you? Nutritional Therapy with health coaching can empower you to use nutrition to reach your health goal. Everyone’s experience of Nutritional Therapy will be individual as we each have our own unique health history, genes, lifestyle, diets, personalities, and life experiences.  I will educate you in how our diets affect our health and steer you towards making the right food choices for your body. After analysing your health history, lifestyle, and diet, we may need to explore things in more depth and look at why these foods do not suit you. Perhaps some testing may be recommended.  Results may vary according to the complexity of your issues but will depend on you having to make some diet and lifestyle changes. The most important factor is being ready to make any necessary changes.  Often clients come to see me with a complexity of symptoms accumulated over several years if not a lifetime. Therefore, it can sometimes take several months for improvement to be made. Some of my clients reached their health goal using just food and lifestyle within 3 sessions, whereas others have taken 7 or 8 sessions over a year. Often nutrition is not the only piece in the puzzle. Clients may need to adjust their lifestyles in terms of movement and exercise, sleep, stress management, etc., to complement their Nutritional Therapy. In some cases, you may be advised to see another health professional such as a counsellor, chiropractor, physiotherapist, dentist or acupuncturist if appropriate.


“I have struggled for a few years with my gut health and could never figure out what I was doing wrong until I had a clinic with Kate! Kate has been so helpful in guiding and supporting me through learning about nutrition and how my body works in terms of food and mental health. I can confidently say that I have never felt so good and that I truly understand my body.”




“I would highly recommend Kate. She is extremely knowledgeable and helped me to get my health back on track in a short space of time. I have a lot more energy and I’m much more aware of what my body needs. Thank you Kate.




Consultations are booked in packages because they provide Nutritional Therapy as a course which is a process over 6-12 weeks.  Packages currently start at £270*. An initial fee of £225* is payable on booking and the remainder of the package is paid the following week. Further 30-minute follow up coaching calls are £48* or £90* for 2x 30 minute calls. Prices reflect my training and expertise and the time researching and preparing recommendations. Please get in touch for a full list of prices and packages and your free call. *Prices valid until January 2022.



I aim to use food first, however, some clients may require support through the short-term use of supplements (if appropriate and if the client wishes). These are not included in the consultation fee but I can provide 10% discount on most products. For supplement recommendations, an appointment must be made.


I may recommend functional tests as a way of getting to the root of an issue and these can provide a measurable insight into your health and wellbeing. Examples include stool tests to assess gut and digestive health, full thyroid test, salivary adrenal stress test, organic acids tests (these are metabolic byproducts which give an indication of your metabolic health through a urine sample), food intolerance tests and hormone tests. There will be an additional charge for diagnostic tests that are not available from a GP for those clients who require or request them. Laboratories that I use include but are not limited to: Genova Diagnostics ( and Regenerus (