I had no previous experience of hypnotherapy before coming to Kate, and was unsure of what to expect. Kate has a warm, calm personality that instantly put me at ease; it was easy to talk to her about my problems and identify how to move forwards. The hypnotherapy was very relaxing and effective in sessions, and although I haven’t faced the situation I’ve been working on yet, I feel much more positive about it.”


“I really enjoyed the hypnotherapy sessions we had together.  I found them very relaxing and helpful. I felt they taught me to think differently and respond differently. It has been a few months now and I still use some of the techniques if I feel anxious to overcome a situation. I felt you were especially good at listening to what would work best for me and understood the impact it had on everyday life. The recordings were extremely helpful and something I can continue to use. I would definitely recommend you, thank you…”


Hypnotherapy with Kate has encouraged me to express myself positively, focusing on solutions to help imagine my preferred future, including a more positive perspective on quality of life and kinder self talk. I am delighted that I found the right person and method to help me. I wish I’d done it sooner. Thank you so much for your help and support.”
I got in touch with Kate when I was suffering from constant bloating, sore tummy and low self-esteem due to the above. I wasn’t that hopeful as I am quite savvy with my nutrition and really thought I had tried everything. Kate was very thorough and supportive and with her advice and help I am now completely pain free and all the bloating has gone. I can’t recommend her enough; she really does know her stuff.
“I visited Kate to get help for excess fatigue due to an underlying health issue. She was very friendly and listened to my concerns. She suggested simple but very effective changes to lifestyle and diet, which were easy to implement, plus use of some well researched supplements. These changes have transformed my quality of life. I have learned to listen to my body and adapt accordingly and now have much more energy and focus. I feel much more positive about my future health. My son has recently been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and will be visiting Kate for advice as soon as ‘Lockdown’ eases.  Thank you Kate.”


“My first consultation with Kate was fabulous today… I feel she understands my needs completely and takes a really candid and informative attitude to the process with evidently a very knowledgeable background. I already have complete faith in Kate and am feeling so positive about the future.”


“I have struggled for a few years with my gut health and could never figure out what I was doing wrong until I had a clinic with Kate! Kate has been so helpful in guiding and supporting me through learning about nutrition and how my body works in terms of food and mental health. I can confidently say that I have never felt so good and that I truly understand my body.”
“I would definitely recommend Kate as a nutritionist, she is very understanding, non judgemental and professional with what she does. She has a great knowledge and approach to helping towards your nutrition goals. I find Kate very motivational and she has helped me change my relationship with food whilst improving my symptoms.”


“Kate offered me friendly, thorough and sensible advice with lots of common sense but also lots of expertise too. She offered me lots of choices within what might be useful to me, making me feel in control of what I was doing and keep it right for me. The most important thing is that her advice worked. I would definitely recommend and use Kate again.”


“You are fabulous thank you so much for all your advice and research. I truly feel as though I have a solid foundation of information that I can use and work on. And I know where to come should things change. And I am recommending you to everyone I meet.”
“I contacted Kate for advice on stress, anxiety and hormonal imbalances. She listened to all my concerns and dealt calmly with my emotional needs. She offered such helpful advice and it was clear that she was knowledgeable and passionate about dealing with the “whole person” suggesting herbal remedies, meditation as well as diet and lifestyle choices. Her approach is gentle and non judgmental and I have benefitted so much from our consultations. I would highly recommend her services.”
“I enjoyed my sessions with Kate and with the benefit of her well researched and tailored counsel I feel able (at last) to take nutritional control of my diet. She brought new meaning to a suggestion I’ve long ignored to… Let your medicine be your food and your food your medicine.



“I would have no hesitation in recommending a consultation concerning health and dermatology issues. Kate is clearly very knowledgeable and uses her expertise to the best advantage of the client. Kate is very approachable, her advice is balanced, wise and scientifically researched, underpinned with a good helping of practical common sense. Thank you Kate.


“I would certainly recommend Kate Dimmer. She is a very knowledgeable nutritionist and gave me very helpful advice which enabled me to change my diet and address some health issues I was concerned about. Kate has a very caring and empathetic manner as well as being very professional.”


“I would highly recommend Kate. She is extremely knowledgeable and helped me to get my health back on track in a short space of time. I have a lot more energy and I’m much more aware of what my body needs. Thank you Kate.


“I recommend Kate Dimmer highly – she is really knowledgeable, and very kind and understanding. Her advice and support has helped me to change my life-style and nutrition in a very positive way, and she was able to provide excellent solutions to my nutrition questions.
“Kate is someone I would highly recommend if you are looking for a professional Nutritionist. I have always found Kate to be very caring and empathetic. Initially she put together a comprehensive plan and suggested ways in which I could improve my digestive issues. Having followed Kate’s advice, I am now feeling much improved. Kate is excellent at follow-up, always there to guide, and very swift to respond. Highly recommended!”


“I approached Kate a while after having my second child. Primarily it was for weight loss however being a yo-yo dieter since I was 15 – this time I wanted a different approach.
I wanted to lose weight, nourish my body with healthy foods while not having the frustrations of restrictions that many ‘diets’ end up having. I wanted to adopt a positive attitude towards food especially for my children to grow up with.
My journey with Kate has been so positive, she is extremely knowledgeable and I never felt judged in anyway, which I have in the past. Her sensible approach to eating has enabled me for the first time to make the right food choices while still enjoying the treats, without guilt for the first time in my life – so refreshing.
One of the best aspects of working with Kate has been the health benefits. My aches and pains have reduced, I have been able to control my anxiety and I have more energy. Her recipes have become a firm favourite in our house enjoyed by all of us, including a fussy toddler.
I would highly recommend Kate and her services – best call I made.”


“Kate’s professional yet friendly approach to my concerns over my weight & health has been amazing. The information she has given and awareness she has created in me will remain for good.
Kate is very caring and easy to talk to with great knowledge in her area.
She makes it easy to follow.
I would recommend her to anyone who is struggling with their weight and want to have a life time approach to losing weight rather than quick fixes.”
“Kate has been so helpful guiding me towards better nutrition, learning what foods help or hinder my gut health, migraines, hormones etc. She has also given me excellent guidance regarding my daughter’s health and well-being. I will always turn to Kate when I need any advice for myself and my family. Thank you very much Kate.”
“I contacted Kate as I have always had digestive issues on and off for years now and recently since turning 40 my skin has been really red, blotchy and sore so I knew something had to change. Kate gave me lots of advice and a list of foods and supplements that would help me, its early days but my digestive issues have improved straight away and my skin is so much better. Thank you Kate!”
“Kate helped me recover from a bad skin condition over a period of a few months last year. This help has enabled me to avoid taking steroids and other drugs to combat the effect of the steroids. I feel like a new person. Thank you so much”
“I would highly recommend Kate for the first class advice and professional support she gave me.
I gave Kate a complex nutritional problem to help with, this involved helping me get my bloods to below pre diabetic level, whilst still enabling me to carry sufficient weight to maintain my marathon swimming goals.
Obviously you need to follow the advice you’re given as it will work!
Kate was able to listen and understand exactly what I needed to achieve my swimming goals and balance this with my overall health needs.
End result: Successful cross channel solo swim balanced with improved health around nutrition and weight with a reduction in my pre diabetic bloods bringing them to normal levels. A big relief for me.
Kate was able to recommend some really easy tweaks to my diet that made a huge difference.
This was a complicated issue that Kate was able to solve.
I really recommend Kate if you need some top class advice and support. Also Kate’s follow up contact is really helpful. kate is friendly and approachable and easy to talk to. I know a lot about sport and training so it’s really great to learn new things about nutrition from an expert with obvious credibility.
Could only leave 5 stars but would have left 10! Thanks Kate.”
“In just a short time, Kate has helped me enormously with my digestion problems. She has enabled me to identify the cause of these problems and helped me to eliminate them from my diet. She has been very supportive and has made many helpful suggestions for alternative recipes and meals. All of this in a very kind and friendly manner. Thanks Kate!”
“In just a couple of months, after integrating all Kate’s advice, Jean was feeling consistently better, stronger and far healthier! …We would recommend Kate to anyone wishing to improve their overall health.”
JC on behalf of Jean
“I have found Kate to be knowledgeable, kind and supportive… I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to improve their gut health and overall quality of life…My energy levels are greatly improved and I feel positive and confident regarding achieving activities and things in my day that I had previously felt were out of my reach.”
“I got in touch with Kate after getting nowhere with my doctor about feeling tired all the time. Kate helped me review my diet and make improvements which made a real difference on how I was feeling. She gave me confidence with my meal planning and helped me make small adjustments that had a noticeable impact on how I felt. My diet is healthier and I’m eating a wider variety of foods and trying out new dishes. It has also been a revelation not to feel hungry all of the time once I upped the amount of protein that I was eating! Kate is very thorough in her approach but the information and advice is straightforward, realistic and easy to follow.”
“Before finding Kate I thought I’d have bloating and digestion issues forever and it would be something I’d have to deal with for the rest of my life! Kate gave me not only great advice but also the knowledge to apply simple lifestyle changes to my everyday life. Not even 4 months in to making these simple but effective changes to my diet and lifestyle the bloating and digestion issues have finally disappeared from my life, I feel confident again! Thank you Kate X Katie”
“I had a particular digestive issue and with Kate’s guidance with dietary changes and some supplements the issue has improved immensely.”
“I approached Kate in June this year with a series of nutritional issues. She has carefully and thoughtfully helped me to negotiate the changes I needed to make to enable myself to become healthier and also to address various medical challenges that I was facing. I cannot recommend her enough. Thanks Kate!”
“Kate was really helpful and clear with helping me understand and manage my new dietary intolerances. The meetings were great and I found I learnt a lot, that I have continued to use.”


“Very highly recommended. Kate is extremely knowledgeable and suggested changes that have delivered significant and lasting results, whilst being practical and easy to implement within a busy lifestyle.”


Kate was very approachable, empathetic and knowledgeable about my issues. She helped me change my eating habits and recommended appropriate supplements, which together have greatly improved my symptoms. I am very happy to recommend her services – thank you Kate.


“I contacted Kate in my first year postpartum after being diagnosed with ibs and suffering on going low iron levels. Kate was so kind and listened to all my concerns. I had a detailed plan which made a difference fast than I could have imagined!
Not only did I have the check in session but Kate has set me up long-term with nutrition knowledge, when I come off track now I am so confident getting myself back on track which is such a blessing. I cannot recommend or thank Kate enough!